Lake Templene Property Owners Association

Aquatic Plant Control Policy

The policy for Aquatic Plant Control is to work in concert with other lake preservation efforts and in accordance with State regulations to clear or reduce aquatic vegetation growing below the lake surface. The process will use primarily a combination of chemical treatment and harvesting. The L.T.P.O.A.'s policy is to focus on maintaining navigability of the main body of the lake and overall accessibility to the lake for the L.T.P.O.A. members. It will not be the policy of the annual plant treatment program to kill all visible plants. However, efforts will be made through periodic selective harvesting aligned with other techniques to reduce the volume of floating plants on the lake. Reasonable efforts will made by the harvester to catch, collect and dispose of the harvests. Cleanup of the residual from the harvests, cuttings resulting from lake use or other die-offs washing ashore will be the responsibility of the individual property owners.

Document published 1/17/2010 DCN

Page Created 12-June-12 TR

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