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Text Box: Text Box: The Association Board has been working on the acquisition of key infrastructure relative to Lake Templene and the surrounding development. In June, the Association acquired the lake bottomland, three islands in the lake, a wildlife preserve in Curves End Subdivision, all streets within the original subdivisions, the emergency spillway next to the dam, and the dam. This acquisition assures the following important features:

Bottomland – Lake front property owners have complete freedom to use the bottomland in front of their properties without restrictions other than those imposed by state law.
Islands – The association can preserve and provide recreational use of the islands for all Lake Templene property owners.
Wildlife Preserve – This property will remain undeveloped and in its natural state.
Streets – The Association has authority to oversee their use and may take the actions necessary to ensure they  are not misused by anyone.
Emergency Spillway – This land will become the Association’s boat launch site. The current site used by Association members is owned by the developer who intends to sell it as a residential lot.
Dam – The Association’s ownership of the dam, which creates Lake Templene, ensures that the Text Box:  Good News from LTPOA Board President Jack Rote
Text Box:  Aquatic Weed Control Program
Text Box: Weed treatments have been completed on May 12th, June 15th, and July 7th.  As a result of the well survey completed for us last winter we have been able to treat more aggressively. Of the several products used, 97% have been systemic resulting in a kill of the targeted plants. Unfortunately, the weeds have been much more prolific this year and somewhat more resistant to treatment. Though overall the lake has responded well, we still have some hot spots that have not and will need continued attention. Though we have been quite successful knocking out the Native Milfoil, Eurasian Milfoil, Curly Pond Weed, Illinois Pond Weed and Coon Tail, we now have the late bloomers to deal with. The next two efforts will focus on Chara, Starry Stonewort, and Celery which have filled the void left by the others and emerged mid summer. We are all grateful for the improved Text Box: water clarity we are experiencing this year. However, that clarity is allowing more sun penetration and assisting aquatic weed growth. 

The board is hopeful that we will be allowed a drawdown this year as this will be a great asset in our efforts in aquatic weed management. 

With the nature of Lake Templene, we will always need an aquatic weed management program. That program must be multi-faceted using draw downs, harvests, dredging and chemicals. One effort alone will not meet the need.
                                       by  Dennis Nemeth

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dam will never be used in a detrimental fashion. The Association is providing the Drain Commissioner with an access easement, the terms of which gives the county liability associated with the dam.

The cost of the acquisition is $10.00 per lot for 30 years. The cost is consistent with the amount approved by the membership at the Spring 2009 general membership meeting. The $10.00 charge will start appearing on the 2011 membership dues invoice.

                                             Jack B. Rote

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